• The accident occurred along the Nakuru-Ravine highway at around 9 pm on Saturday.

Recent events at Kabarak University have led to a demonstration by the comrades, who took to the streets on November 19, 2023 to demand justice and increased safety measures.

The catalyst for this protest was a tragic incident involving a pharmacy student who was struck by a speeding GK vehicle.

Police and students have identified the deceased as Joshua Plimo, a first-year student of Pharmacy at Kabarak University.

According to witnesses, the vehicle driver, a police van bearing government registration plates, lost control after missing a bump before hitting the student.

The accident occurred along the Nakuru-Ravine highway at around 9 pm on Saturday.

The student was rushed to the school’s sanatorium, where he was pronounced dead a few minutes after arrival.

“The student tried to avoid being hit by the speeding vehicle, but it was too late. The vehicle hit him hard,” said a witness.

With no action taken and a perceived lack of transparency from the university administration, the comrades decided to take matters into their own hands.

Fueled by anger and frustration, the comrades demanded justice for their fallen comrade, a first-year student in the School of Pharmacy.

Many believe that the university administration  need to be more concerned with the facts surrounding the accident. Their voices have grown louder as they seek accountability and transparency from the authorities.

The impact of the demonstration was felt as the comrades blocked the Nakuru Ravine highway, bringing transportation to a standstill. Motorists were forced to seek alternative routes, but even those were soon blocked by the protesting comrades.

The Menengai Police Service responded promptly, restoring calmness and ensuring the expected traffic flow resumption.